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The WR Tilt Table is a useful tool for Cardiac (HRV) and Full Autonomic Function labs, giving the ability to perform head-up tilt testing.

The WR Tilt Table provides near effortless evaluation of patients presenting with syncope and dizziness. Designed specifically for autonomic testing, this table has a rapid tilt (0 to 70 degrees in 9 seconds). There is a wide choice of positions for a clinician to choose for patient testing, including a -12 degree Trendelenberg position. Up to three pre-set tilt angles can be programmed into the programmable tilt control hand switch, which are then available at the push of a button.

Transitioning from supine to vertical positions is smooth, thanks to a powerful electromechanical drive. The WR Tilt

Table also includes a removable footboard for stress free patient access and 2 restraining belts for comfort and safety. The WR Tilt Table is ergonomically designed with both clinician ease and patient comfort in mind.

Tilt Table at a glance:
  • Three pre-set tilt angles can be programmed in to the pneumatic tilt control hand switch, and then accessed at the push of a button.
  • Fast and smooth transition with an electromechanical drive.
  • Floor level removable footboard for stress free patient access.
  • Includes 2 secure restraining belts for patient comfort and safety.
  • Ergonomically designed with both clinician and patient in mind.


WR Medical Tilt Table Model S1 includes a programmable hand control, so that 3 tilt angles can be pre-set and accessed at the push of a button. Easy and accurate tilts every time!

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